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Lent and Easter 2021

The season of Lent is set aside as a time of reflection, penintence, prayers, and preparation in order that we might fully celebrate the Easter trust, reconciling power, and resurrection love of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our theme for Lent 2021 draws upon the biblical number forty, which was meant to mean a big number (similar to "umpteen"). Lent is literally forty days, but we're also in a season when we're asking "how long?": How long until the end of the pandemic? How long until racial justice? How long until authentic unity?

In the Lent brochure (click to the right), you will find a myriad of spiritual disciplines form which to choose for making the most of your Lenten journey. Some may be more helpful for you than others. Choose one. Choose many. Whatever you choose, may the experience deepend your encounter with the Holy and help you live in the "forty" with resilience and hope.

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Holy Week Worship

Palm Sunday: March 28th @ 10:30am (livestream)

Maundy Thursday: April 1st @ 7:00pm (livestream)

Good Friday: April 2nd @ 12:00pm (livestream)

Easter Sunday: April 4th 10:30am* (livestream)

*Unfortunately, due to the recent spike in coronavirus cases in Ingham County, we will not be having our in-person sunrise service as planned.

Our Congregational Life committee has created a labyrinth experience for Lent. Come and spend time with God in prayer as you walk this ancient path. There are instructions if you are new to this type of prayer; come and try something new! Additionally, there are coloring posters for the twelve Stations of Cross on the outside of the path so that you can engage in another type of tactile prayer. Only one household is able to use the labyrinth at a time. Sign up above!

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