Deacons serve as God’s hands and feet in our church and community, creating opportunity for others to do the same. Some of their ministries include: hospital and respite visitation including Communion to the Furthest Pew; Newborn Nuture, Bereavement; Cards and Love-O-Grams; A-Team Tutoring; Meals; Wheels; and Prayer Shawl.

Deacons meet as on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:15 PM.

Moderator: Diana Stubig

Class of 2016
Cherry Hill
Eileen Krawczynski
Judy Gubry
Lazara Aragon
Gail Spitz

Class of 2017
Vern Sible
Mark Doyle
Karly Rudd
Heidi Hill
Anita Rustem

Class of 2018
Dee Malone
John Sklar
Anita Betts
Sharon Neal
Suzanne Trim

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